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A. Louise Staman
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Restoring Lost Times
Savannah's Anna Colquitt Hunter
Restoring Lost Times
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​A. Louise Staman
      If only one adjective could be used to describe Anna Colquitt Hunter, it would be irrepressible.  She embraced the triumphs and tribulations of her long life with gusto, feeling deeply, working and playing hard, participating fully.  She was beautiful, smart, passionate, energetic, and well educated.  For 45 years she was a newspaper woman when few women could find such careers. She was also a civic leader, founding the Historic Savannah Foundation, so essential to Savannah’s preservation; and an artist, painting scenes often found in her own life, African Americans busy at work or worship; and capturing moods ( humorous or sad) on the canvass. 

          It was in Savannah during the 1950s that Anna Hunter’s voice became most significant.   At that time something terrible was happening to her beloved Savannah.  The center of town, the Historic District, was rotting, often abandoned, and sometimes falling down.  No one lived there, and with little or no warning significant historic structures often fell to the wrecking ball.  What Anna C. Hunter and her six cohorts did changed the course of Savannah history.  The true story of Anna C. Hunter is one of determination, energy, and triumph.  A must read!